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Images & themes

Images & themes

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“Logo Attributes”

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Art events

Art Event#6

Garden of Lights

Encinitas, Botanic garden

I always love to go to Botanic garden in Encinitas. They always have art event & exhibits one of the most fun ones that I recently went to with my family was, we went at night to see the art of placing these beautiful colorful lights for holiday. It was beautiful and we all enjoyed looking at them. The night that we went there which it was 15th there was a music line up THE CAST KIDS wishing you Happy Holidays it was very spiritual. Then we went and saw” Nutcracker exhibit”, beautiful, it made me to realize how hard these lights been placed in this garden and how colorful and magical looks after the sun goes down. I did promise my kids that I will create a toy with lights for them and I did kept my promise. It does not look as great as the lights that we saw in the garden but it has potentialJ.  I did learn a lot first of all spending with my family was the most beautiful part of these hole experience.

Art Event # 7

Sculpture in the Garden

Encinitas, Botanic garden

 Sculpture Artists: Madelynne Engel, Jeffery Laudenslager, Benjamin Lavender

Landscape artists: Glen Schmidt of Schmidt Design Group, David Reed of David Reed Landscape Architects, Paul De Martini of Classic Gardens

I don’t know that much of these artists but I have to say it was extremely interesting I find out, I do enjoy the sculpture more than anything else by going in this Exhibit, One of the artists’ works that I really like the work was LIA STRELL her style is alluring. Her work continues metals, steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, silver and gold. I realized how much I appreciate the sculpture more than anything else so I might start taking some classes and make my sculpting a little stronger. I did enjoy. If it wasn’t because of this class to get my points of course with a little time that I have also the working that I do almost 50 to 60 hrs. a week,  I would never go to look at these sculpture, but I have to say, I am glad I did and I learn so much by just going and looking at these exhibits.


Art Event #8

Botanical Illustrations

On exhibit in Ecke Building
Now to December 31, 2011

Another interesting exhibit that I went to was the exhibition showcases 35 original 19th century botanical color illustrations of bromeliads from the collection of Jack Kramer, prolific author and collector. These one-of-a-kind original works were received as book fragments. They come with documented sources, are rare in the trade. I do love to draw and paint flowers and plants or landscape, so looking at these art works it was delightful. I got some learning by looking at one particular one and very interesting the way the lines and shades were created to make the flower to look mere realistic. I will definitely use that in my art works. I have to say I did not know this artist when I came home I did go on internet to find out about this artist and his style. I did learn a lot and make me to realize his work more. This is great experience for me I am so grateful of this chance  to be able to see his illustration.

Art Event #9

Old mission San Luis Rey De Francia

 4050 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92057

I was always driving by this mission and want it to see what exactly is this place is one of the interesting mission that I went to I did appreciate the Old building and History this place has. We as family went to the tour too. It was interesting to see Mission life centered around prayer and work. Mission San Luis Rey was an important center of industry. The church was built in 1815 it took 4 years to complete. Although painted over through the years, the decorative designs, taken from textiles and patterns in books, are original. The church at San Luis Rey is recognized as the most unique and one of the most beautiful in the mission chain. It is the largest of the 21 California missions and the only one adorned with a wooden dome and cupola. Unique also to San Luis Rey are the side altars and the Madonna Chapel which originally served as a mortuary chapel.  The Garden and the feeling of it was amazing experience extremely peaceful and I am so grateful that I visit this mission and of course the church was the most that made me to falling love with this mission, spiritual and peaceful. Even my kids loved to be there and enjoyed their time. I do know that this will not be are last time to visit this beautiful mission.  It made me to realized, how important History is and how one piece of antics  has a story to tell.

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Good and Bad page layout

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Art Events

Art Event #1

The world on a String: Puppets from the Alan Cook Collection

October 2- December 30, 2011

Location: Carlsbad City Library Complex

I really enjoyed this exhibition.  Every culture in the world has some form of puppetry. In this fascinating exhibition selected from the Alan Cook Collection at the international Puppetry Museum in Pasadena, I get the grand tour. Included in the more than 200 works on display From German hand –puppets, Sicilian marionettes, Indonesian shadow puppets, African rod puppets, Japanese Bunraku and many More.  It really changes my view to look at the puppets deferent way differently more respect for it.  I never thought of puppets and I actually got the book that is about puppets and I study a little and remind me of my childhood how my father was making these really interesting looking puppets with wood and we could play and have fun with them. I feel well respected for international puppeteer, very interesting that each country has their own looks and feeling and thee custom or the media that they mixed and work on.


Art Event #2

Friday Dec 9th 2011 A Multidisciplinary Art Event


This was my first experience in csusm to get involved in event and also to display my own art work. Such a great experience I got and I learn a lot from this.  I had no idea how much preparation we need to make an art event. I have to say the vpa 302 it made me realize how much documentation or discipline is important to have for creating an art work. I do feel well respected for our professor “Judit Hersko “. I did learn a lot from her and I hope I will use each lesson that she teach us in future.

Art Event#3

Carlsbad Sculpture Garden, Elon Edanks The shapre of Music, Dec 5th 2011

I liked the exhibition it was small but very nice and I loved some of the sculpture that this artist has down. The materials that he uses is titanium, steel, Copper, bronze and aluminum.  What’s interesting is you can feel the music in this exhibit; all the sculptures are bigger than life works. It differently change my view of looking at the materials that we might have on the corner of our yard and it’s a trash for us but it’s a treasure for someone else. I can truly tell how much this artist has passion for what he does. I love the way these sculpture are dancing in this little beautiful garden I’m glad I did go and see the shape of music it was very interesting.


Art Event#4

Zombie Gallery at CSUSM•

Oct 26th

I always love to go to different art galleries if I have time especially the ones that are in csusm and support our own art students. I have to say this exhibit was very different I liked some of the works but it’s not my type of art works but some of them was very interesting and appreciated the effort for some particular art works.  One of the art works that I remember that it was belong to one of my classmate. It was a women face that it was painted with oil painting and the detail on this painting was great.  Most of her works is very interesting. The theme was horror and Zombies for Halloween.



Art Event#5

101 art gallery contemporary art Gallery

Encinitas, CA

Dec 10th

I find out about this little place up in HWY 101 right by Lucadia, that they have local artist come and display their art works. It was Different than any other art Gallery that I went too. At the gallery they were very friendly so it was very easy to ask Questions about a artists and their works.

It’s always inspiring to see other’s people’s work.  It gives me that little push you need to keep improving myself and sometimes motivates me to use different medium and definitely get experience from them. There was two art works that it was done with normal foil paste on canvas that was very interesting. I might even use that technic to see what I can come up with.

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Word Art

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double meaning

double meaning

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Genre Gig Poster

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